About Me

My name is John. He/Him or They or whatever you wanna call me. I am 20 year old, soon to be a NEET probably.

Dunno about MBTI type... Why don't you type me based on my writings instead???

Height... Average. Where do i live? Shithole place. But not America.

Hobbies... hmmm... let's see... making music, collecting cute anime figures, manga, exploring my thoughts, trolling online.. erm. doing the fun.

How do i look like? I have middle part or bangs irl. Jet black hair. Dark eyes too.

Fun fact about me: I eat apples atleast twice a day.

My Favourite Things


Chainsaw Man, K-ON, Bocchi The Rock, Death Note, Rent-A-Girlfriend, Parasyte, Initial D, I Want To Eat Your Pancreas, The Amazing Digital Circus, Oshi No Ko.


Danganronpa, Yakuza 0, Fallout series, Garry's Mod, Corpse Party, Half life 2, Portal 1 & 2, The Last Of Us, Doki-Doki Literature Club, The Sims 4, Minecraft


J-Rock, Midwest Emo, Post-rock, 90s Alternative Rock

My Favourite Characters

Literally Me

Asa Mitaka

Yui Hirasawa

Hitori Gotoh

Kazuya Kinoshita

DNI if you're a pain in the ass kinda person.

"Reality Can Be Hell When You're Only Visiting"