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23/3/24 - I watched Kimi Ni Todoke

Yep I watched it. From the start, I immediately liked the main character sawako. I feel like I can relate to her, like how everyone was scared of her everytime she approached someone. That has happened to me irl several times and I know people are scared of me cause I overhead what they'r saying lol. She's just a total loser like me. The guy however, is a bit too likable for my tastes. So I can't pretend to be in the show although he looks like me a little bit. Ngl this anime would be a lot better if they both were bunch of losers lmao. or just the guy only. I'll keep watching it maybe to see if I would like it. i need more romance anime recomendations bruh. criteria: they both needs to be total losrrs.

10/3/24 - First Post

Hi everyone, this will be the fist post of this blog. I intend for this blog to post about anime stuff specifically my biggest interest rn, Chainsaw man. So yeah, prepare for the influx of posts regarding it.... heh...... What can i talk about it......... Heh... Many Things.... U know...