Celeste my lauf....

15/3/24 - Second Entry

Not much to write to you today, nothing much happening in my life. Just loneliness and despair that follows. If only you were real, my world would be more colorful.

13/3/24 - Celeste

It's been a while since I saw Danganronpa stuff and I recently got into it again. I found Celeste through an online post on tiktok a while ago regarding her and I was instantly drawn to her, it's like I have connections with her in the first place. I then forgot about her until I was reminded of her so I HAD to look for her again and it feels like she really gives me sign that she's looking for me yknow. Anyways after that, i feel like like i am truly in love with her. Way more stronger feeling than my other wiefs. So I know shes probably the one although I love all the wiefs equally. I know she's not the best person ever but I accept it. I don't care about how she is. She is fucked up but i will accept her as it is.

It makes me mad and defensive someohow if someone tried to or kins her.. Idk why. but it is what is is i guess. Everyone knows about the game not just me. But deep inside I know i am the only one who got signs from her and she's trying to communicate with me. I hope i can see her in my universe one day. I hope so. I think she'll like it here. i gotta go now celeste, i have to finish a shrine of celeste that i will look and pray to daily. heh.